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Energy Healing &
Holistic Health Coaching

Welcome to a transformative journey of emotional healing and self-discovery. My dedicated focus revolves around nurturing and healing the emotional energy centers, particularly the heart chakra and the second chakra, through the profound practice of inner child work. Within the safe and supportive space I provide, embark on a healing process that liberates your heart, allowing you to shed the burdens that hold you back and rediscover the innocence of your authentic self.

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Regina Klaesges Reda, Psy.D.

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My name is Regina and I’ve discovered that you CAN get to an empowered place where you feel grounded and centered no matter what’s happening in your environment.  Your thoughts impact your emotions and your body's energetic field.  It's important to become conscious about what you’re thinking in order to shape how you experience life. 


When I was in grad school working on a degree in Cultural Psychology, I learned about how our minds are programmed.  Imbalances can start with a misguided thought, often stemming from unresolved trauma, that accumulates to become “who you are” with your aches, pains, habits and ways of being. 


Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to developing methods and practices that assist my clients to get back into balance in all areas of life.  I will guide you so that you can become empowered to actively shape yourself and your life.

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My Sessions

Book a consultation with Regina to explore your needs and begin a transformative journey to well-being.

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Contact Me

Feel free to contact me to discuss your healing goals and areas of focus. I look forward to connecting.


Frequently Asked

What can I expect after a session? 

You may or may not feel different depending on how sensitive you are to energy.  It's possible to feel lighter as a result of clearing stagnant energy from your energy field.  You could also feel more relaxed and if you had any symptoms of pain and/or stress, you might experience some relief.  In some instances, a session may trigger past emotional issues or you might feel tired. It's important to be gentle with yourself afterwards and listen to your body by giving it whatever support it needs to integrate the changes after a session. Drink a lot of water, get some extra rest, and you might want to journal about any feelings that came up during the session in the days that follow.

What is your scheduling policy?

In order to schedule a session, payment must be made first.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before your session, a $50 service fee applies.  In the case of late arrivals, we have the right to cancel any session if the Client arrives 15 minutes late or more.  If you would like to reschedule your session, please ensure at least 48 hours are given. The rescheduled session time must be within 12 months of the original booking.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.

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