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Regina, a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate and certified Health Coach, blends her expertise in cultural psychology and education to inform her transformative healing work. From her early days in psychology and social work, aiding mentally ill veterans to working with disadvantaged individuals, Regina's journey evolved through spirituality and meditation in Asia. Discovering energy healing, she realized the crucial role of addressing emotions for holistic well-being. Regina's personal triumph over a precancerous tumor using natural methods fuels her passion to empower others on their healing journeys.

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About Regina Klaesges Reda

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My Journey

Regina began her training in energy healing and integrative nutrition in 2019.  She is certified as a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate from the Deborah King Center and as a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Regina holds a doctorate in Cultural Psychology and a master’s degree in Education and uses the awareness, knowledge and skills gained from her education to inform her healing work.   


Her desire to understand others in order to help them live healthier, happier lives began in college with her studies in Psychology.  Her curiosity about human behavior combined with a desire to make a difference with disadvantaged individuals led to social work in her 20’s.  She worked with mentally ill veterans, immigrant families and teenage girls on probation. 


Regina’s interest in spirituality started while studying abroad in Asia during college.  She learned to meditate at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand; a profound experience that was followed years later with Vipassana meditation, Vedic mantra studies and energy healing.  Once she discovered energy healing, she began to realize the importance of clearing stagnant emotions and energy that could show up as illness down the road.  She would later experience how not fully processing her own emotions from the past would impact her health.  


Regina was diagnosed with a precancerous breast tumor in 2018 and her doctor recommended surgery to remove it.  She was able to avoid surgery and heal herself through a combination of natural methods including energy healing, nutrition and meditation as she addressed some emotional issues, stress and unresolved trauma.  Now she is passionate about using her experiences with healing herself to help empower others who are going through their own healing journey. 

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Compassion Key Level 1 through Edward Mannix

Life Force Energy Healing® Master Graduate from the Deborah King Center

Quantum Healing Master Course through Darryn Starwyn

Ancestral Clearing Level 1 and 2 through John Newton

Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Energy Healing Program (in progress)

Compassion Key Master Graduate (in progress)

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My Approach to Healing

Life throws us constant curveballs, disrupting our balanced center. This turmoil can lead to feelings of victimization, gut issues, sleepless nights, and strained relationships. When left unresolved, these challenges accumulate, imposing a chronic weight on our hearts and potentially resulting in serious illness. Each imbalance serves as an invitation for healing and self-care.


I specialize in helping you release the emotional weight on your heart—the energy center aligned with your physical heart—allowing you to rediscover the purity of your authentic self. Represented by the hot air balloon in my logo, the sandbags hanging from its basket symbolize the shedding of burdens, enabling you to ascend to a higher perspective—the truest, most authentic version of yourself. 


My expertise includes remote energy healing, allowing me to facilitate your healing from my location in Illinois to wherever you are in the world. Recognizing our interconnectedness, I tap into the potential for conscious energetic connection. By intention, I draw your energetic field to my location, fostering self-healing within your body.


I’m trained in multiple healing modalities so I assess which approach or combination works best for each individual client during individual healing sessions. I offer a holistic approach in my Six Month Program, combining energy healing and holistic health coaching to address physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Together, we assess various aspects of your life impacting overall health, crafting a personalized plan for balance and harmony. Achieving your goals becomes more attainable with the support and accountability I provide.


Let's embark on a journey to clear the weight from your heart, reconnect with joy, and embrace the desires of your authentic self.

Inner Child & Heart Chakra Transformation

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I chose the name Renewed Moon Healing because the moon is the symbol for the subconscious mind and represents how you were mothered in an astrological birth chart. During childhood, any trauma we experience goes right into our subconscious mind, and  if left unresolved, leads to unhealthy patterns and emotions in our adult lives. Our unresolved traumas and resultant subconscious programs get reflected back to us through the events that occur in our lives. This reflection ultimately shows us, like a mirror, where we need to do healing work. 

I use my healing tools to provide the acknowledgement, safety, and compassion for a client and their wounded inner child as I facilitate the release of trapped emotions from that trauma. This re-parenting process initiates a healthier pattern in the affected energy center. Clearing unhealthy programs held in the outer layer of the afflicted chakra allows for more coherent, harmonious energy to be brought in. Inner child healing work often creates powerful, positive external shifts in an individual’s life, particularly in their relationships, and can also positively impact one's health.


At the core of your heart chakra, nestled in your chest's center, resides the sacred meeting ground of your spirit and higher power. This space holds immense power and strength for the healing journey. Your heart chakra boasts greater electromagnetic energy than any other center. It's here that I commence my healing practice, guiding the abundant electromagnetic energy to areas or chakras in need of clearing and balance with utmost care and intention.

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